5 Facts about Chatbot Marketing

Messenger bots are not just a new trend, they could be your new best friends when it comes to marketing.

Chatbots are messenger applications that use text, image and video to deliver responses to human inquiries. They are used to provide your Facebook Messenger or website visitors with an engaging experience and to help you increase your website conversions via automated tasks.

    1. A chatbot campaign has a 98% open rate
      If you’re looking to attract more customers, a Facebook chatbot campaign is the best way to get your offer in front your leads!
    2. Chatbots keep consumers engaged with your brand
      The more you engage with your fans, the more likely you’ll boost your sales. Chatbot can help prevent your followers from forgetting about your brand. Chatbot can direct your prospects and customers to specific products/services on your website based on their answers to preformatted questions.
    3. A Facebook chatbot can offer your leads a personalized experience
      Chatbot easily learn more about your customers and offer them a personalized experience as they interact via chat with your business. You can create automated tasks to qualify leads and place them into “groups” based on their answers and interests.

4. Efficient messenger marketing campaigns can gather and analyze consumer data
A chatbot can obtain crucial customer insights that can help you build better and more efficient marketing campaigns for your business.

5. Chatbots can identify and solve customer problems within seconds
A Facebook or website chatbot, on the other hand, can handle multiple requests at once and solve your customer problems in no time.

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