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Clara LAW
Ecommerce Consultant

Clara LAW E-commerce Consultant "persistence and never give up" Clara joined Holabebe as Head of E-commerce Division in 2013. She hold a Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication, majoring in Public Relations. Fueled by her enthusiasm in e-commerce and online marketing, She furthered her ambition by taking numerous post-graduate courses in online marketing, e-commerce and digital media. Clara's 4-years experience in online sales in a few marketplace prior to her joining the company, gives her the necessary insights and crucial experience to set up the company's online team and e-commerce division at the end of 2013. She trained, oversee and build a team of 6 new colleagues from scratch to contributed 30% of group sales revenue in 2014. Clara's ability to grow a new division from zero to a third of group sales revenue within 12 calendar months, won her the Best Employee of The Year at Holabebe’s 2015 Company Annual Dinner.

Andrew 导师
Video Marketing Instructor

Founder of De Andrew 创办人 10 年 3D Animation 动画经验 / 10 Years of 3D animation Experience 5年 婚摄和产品,活动摄影经验 / > 5 years of Pre-wedding, actual day, and event photography shooting experience 也是一名 部落客 旅游文章刊登在 ( TripZilla Malaysia ) Blogger for Travelling Magazine - TripZilla Malaysia 2012 - 参展马来西亚部落格祭 2016 - PIXOTO 评选最受欢迎婚摄 GOLD AWARD

Technical Consultant