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Clara LAW
Ecommerce Consultant

Clara LAW E-commerce Consultant "persistence and never give up" Clara joined Holabebe as Head of E-commerce Division in 2013. She hold a Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication, majoring in Public Relations. Fueled by her enthusiasm in e-commerce and online marketing, She furthered her ambition by taking numerous post-graduate courses in online marketing, e-commerce and digital media. Clara's 4-years experience in online sales in a few marketplace prior to her joining the company, gives her the necessary insights and crucial experience to set up the company's online team and e-commerce division at the end of 2013. She trained, oversee and build a team of 6 new colleagues from scratch to contributed 30% of group sales revenue in 2014. Clara's ability to grow a new division from zero to a third of group sales revenue within 12 calendar months, won her the Best Employee of The Year at Holabebe’s 2015 Company Annual Dinner.

Technical Consultant

IG Marketer